Lawyer penalized for writing child

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

According to the committee's records, while Werme was representing the father, she wrote a letter to his daughter despite a court order barring Werme, her client or his family from contacting the girl.

The court had issued the no-contact order because previous phone calls between the girl and her father were so upsetting they had exacerbated the girl's unspecified medical condition, according to committee files. In her January 2007 letter to the girl, who was then 16, Werme told the girl her relatives were lying to her when they allegedly told her she would have enough money to attend college if only her father paid his overdue child support.

In the letter, which is part of Werme's Professional Conduct Committee file, Werme told the girl there likely wouldn't be enough money for her even if her father won Megabucks and paid all of his child support.

Werme wrote to the girl that her father could offer only his love.


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