Showdown looming over controversial theory

Monday, March 31, 2008

Karen Franklin, Ph.D.Parental Alienation Syndrome is by far the most controversial theory in high-conflict child custody litigation. And the battle lines are drawn primarily by gender: PAS is apt to be the first line of defense when a husband is accused in a custody battle of sexually abusing his children. That is, provided he has the money to hire a high-powered attorney.

Under the theory, one parent - almost always the mother - is accused of turning the children against the other, and brainwashing them to believe they have been abused even when they have not been.

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PAS in any form is wrong. It does exist no matter that its not accept by APA. I still feel that we should leave off the word Syndrome, and replace it with the word action. That way we leave the APA out of it. Since their main goal it to sell drugs, if a bill was made to stop this then it would be approve by the APA ASAP.


Child support Corruption

Friday, March 28, 2008


CSA - Child Support Agency Admit a mistake

And you think you have problems with child this man really had problems


From Yourtube


There are many reasons why a mother should want the children to hate the father.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I found this list at this site, which will be add to my list soon. After reading the list, ask yourself how many does these apply in your case.

1. The mother wants to start a new life and wants the father out of the way. She may be more successful than he is. He is seen as an encumbrance.
2. The mother wants money/property from the father and uses the children as bargaining pawns.
3. The mother hates the father and uses the children as weapons.
4. The mother is possessive and wants all the childrens love.
5. The mother is jealous of the love/gifts the father gives the child but not to her.
6. The mother cannot cope with her own life. Contact with the father in any form is difficult for her. It is a common statement by fathers that the mother suffers from depression. Sometimes PMT, when rows are likely to flare up over minor incidents, and lead to greater hostility.
7. Disappointment. She feels he is unworthy to be a father and doesn’t deserve the children.
8. The mother is egged on by other women hostile to men. Typically if she is in a group of single mothers.
9. The mother uses access to control the children (if you don’t behave then you can’t see daddy).
10. The mother can’t compete with the father who may be able to give the children more treats in the short time he sees them. The children may boost him at her expense, and typically demand more from her.
11. The children may be the only aspect of control the mother has, so uses it to boost her own esteem rather than for the interests of the children. This is the power motive more commonly seen in men.
12. The mother may still like the father and uses the children as a means of controlling him.
13. The mother may be punishing the fathers new partner indirectly as the father may know that he could see the children if it wasn’t for the new partner.
14. The mother may be independent and never wanted a man around anyway apart from fathering her children (entrapment). Or she may have gained independence during the marriage and now wants to exploit it.
15. As often quoted, the mother may see children as a way of getting a house, welfare money, and other benefits. The father was always incidental in the matter.
16. Some women actually believe that men are not interested in their children.
17. The mother assumes hostility by the father towards her is also towards the children, so ‘protects’ them by keeping him away.
18. The mother has a different lifestyle to the father, and does not want the children to copy his way of life.
19. The mother may have no family of her own (typically foreign wives), whereas the father may have a family. The mother regards the child as ‘her family’.
20. The mother may become emotionally dependent upon the child, and regard any affections the child has for the father as depriving her.
21. The mother simply regards the child as her property, and sees the father as making a claim on her ‘possessions’.
22. The mother dislikes the fathers new partner, who she sees as a rival ‘mother’, so prevents the child seeing the father.
23. The mother’s new partner is the one who is preventing contact because he wishes to be seen as the ‘daddy’.
24. She fears the children will leave her for him.
25. She wants to prove to her new partner that he is the only man in her life.
26. She may have come from a broken family, and not be able to sustain a relationship.
27. The father is a constant reminder of the failed relationship that she prefers to forget.
28. She may be starting a new involvement, or having difficulties with the existing one, and doesn’t want the children to tell the father about her affairs.


State's Mistake Denies Father Rights To His Child

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In April 2006, Eggleston got a surprising letter from the Foster Care Review Board saying his child's mother had attempted suicide the previous summer and the child had been made a ward of the state.

"They told me that she had been in foster care with her grandmother for almost a year. Wow. I had no clue, and by that time -- well, they knew where I was to take my money, but how come no one ever notified me?" Eggleston said.

Attorney Amy Geren now represents Eggleston. She said that because the state dropped the ball, Eggleston missed out on an opportunity to gain custody of his child. He is suing the state.

"They knew exactly where to find him. They just didn't make any attempt to notify him. If the custodial mother is not able to care for that child, the first choice should be to place that child with the non-custodial parent," Geren said.

This is Nebraska's first test case for a new law that allows state officials to give more than just a "no comment" on child abuse and neglect cases. LB 782, just signed within the last couple weeks, allows Landry to release information about children who are state wards.

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Custody statute is bad math

William Farrell is a stand-up guy who works hard to provide for his two kids.

But the Longmont resident says a revision to Colorado's child-custody statute is forcing him and thousands of others to work even harder.

The statute in question is 14-10-115. It allows children born after a divorce to be factored into child-support payments. It increases payments when the custodial parent has another child. But it can also lessen benefits for kids when the noncustodial parent has another child.

"It bothers me extremely," Farrell said. "Without using four - letter words, it's really unfair to have to support a child born years after the divorce."

Farrell has primary custody of the two daughters, ages 5 and 7, he had with his ex-wife. She gets the kids every other weekend.

Farrell said his ex-wife, who could not be reached for comment, has four kids by three fathers. Her last child was born in June.

Before the revised law took effect Jan. 1, you were only responsible for the children you brought into this world.

Not any more.

I can't believe this at all. What is Colorado thinking. oops I forgot it's all about the money. read more here


Panel: No anti-dad bias in custody verdicts

Divorced fathers are not discriminated against by social workers in decisions on child custody, according to a committee that included experts from the government, and academia.

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Why am I not surprise. Every Court Judge said this.


Two Guys from BTS Video.

Monday, March 24, 2008

These two guys are from breaking the silence video. I can only hope that in their future if and when they get marry that PAS or PAA or PA does find their way into they lives. I wonder what will they say if and when they have kids and their kid's mother does this to them. What will they do if they are false accuse of abuse?
I feel that is was with PAS is the Syndrome part, I I feel Action would be more effective, that way its not a medical condition.
PAA=Parental Alienation Action, PA=Parental Alienation.


Two Anit-father Videos

breaking the silence

family court crisis


High court grants man custody of boy

Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally a court rule in favor of non-bio father to rise his ex-wife child.



A Utah man is the legal father of a boy he raised as his own, even though his wife conceived the child through an extramarital affair, the Utah Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.


As part of divorce proceedings initiated when the boy was about 16 months old, a 3rd District judge ruled that the other man was the "natural, biological, and legal father" of the child. He gave this man and the mother, who married after her divorce was finalized, joint legal custody and primary physical custody of the boy.


The ex-husband was granted "joint physical custody time," which resulted in the boy spending about half his time living with him. He appealed, saying he should be recognized as the child's father and also have legal custody.

In a 4-to-1 decision, the high court upheld a 2006 Court of Appeals ruling that held the former husband is the legal father. The Supreme Court based its ruling on an analysis it developed in a 1990 case on whether the presumption that a husband is the father of a child born to his wife during their marriage can be challenged.

Because the marriage of the mother and her husband was intact when the boy was born in 1999 and the husband - who knew the child was not his biological son - voluntarily assumed parental responsibility, "the presumption of [his] paternity cannot be challenged in this case," the Supreme Court majority said Chief Justice .


Christine Durham dissented, saying the case should not be decided by the 1990 analysis. Rather, she argued, a decision on the right to challenge the husband's paternity should be based on more recent statutory changes in family law.


"Breaking the Silence": Sorting out the facts

Monday, March 17, 2008

I just read what Cathy had to say on PBS special "Breaking the Silence". Very Interesting to say the least. Why don't you stop by her site and read it for your self. Click here to visit her blog.



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NOW there's a new interactive internet radio talk show that holds family courts CPS workers and judges gone wild accountable, to affect postive change for fathers rights ...

Description: NOW there's a new interactive internet radio talk show that holds family courts CPS workers and judges gone wild accountable, to affect postive change for fathers rights mothers right and most importantly CHILDRENS. Sunday Nights @8pm est. Wedensday Nights @8:30pm est. Hosted by: GetYourJusticeLive.Com Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 43507


Yahoo Father Group

Fathers-4-Justice/Families-4-Justice: F4JUS is a new civil rights group campaigning for truth, justice and equality in family law for children. Children having to grow up up without their fit, loving fathers, mothers or grandparents is a human rights violation & social catastrophe waiting to happen. Please learn more at

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Israel Fathers Child Custody Rights Groups Intensify Demonstrations

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Ra'anana, Israel ---- March 16....(INA) - Fathers and children rights custody groups in Israel protesting gender bias discrimination in court custody cases have intensified their public demonstrations.

Last week hundreds of divorced and single fathers met in Tel Aviv to demand joint and or equal custody in a non-violent protest covered by both Israel TV and several local newspapers. The fathers are demanding that the Israel Knesset, Israel family court judges and Israel child welfare departments adopt reforms in the existing Israel Family Custodian Act of 1962 which states that all children under the age of six will automatically have custody under their mother, unless the mother is violent, drug abuser or negligent.

Fathers 4 Justice Israel hijacked all media attention at the Ra'anana annual marathon

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When will the world realizes that fathers are just an important mothers are. I can only said if they truly before that fathers don't have a place in a child life, then fathers shouldn't have to pay child support or provide medical coverage for the child.


New Link Added

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I have added Daddy Blogger to my link list. A great site full with information. So why don't you stop by and check them out.

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Don't leave fathers out of custody cases

DIVORCED FATHERS and their children deserve a better deal than they're getting from the courts. A shared parenting bill in the state House would create a "rebuttable presumption" - that as long as both parents are fit and it is practical, both parents are entitled to equal custody of the children. Currently, custody almost always goes solely to the mother when she objects to shared parenting.

A "rebuttable presumption" is an easy concept.

The court starts with the common sense position that it is usually in the best interest of children that they be raised equally by both parents after separation. As much as is reasonably practical, the court allows the children to spend equal time with both their mothers and fathers. It is a "rebuttable" presumption because the other parent could introduce evidence that a parent is unsuitable, or that as a practical matter it would be logistically unworkable, and that they have not done anything improper to make it unworkable.

The chief focus in child custody cases would continue to be on what is best for the child and nothing would be "automatic." A judge would still examine every individual case to make sure the child's needs are being met. In fact, "rebuttable presumptions" are nothing new in child custody cases.

Since 1999 we have had a "rebuttable presumption" that seriously violent parents should not be awarded custody of their children. None of the silly parade of horribles of judges with their hands tied automatically dispensing custody decrees without examining the facts of each individual case, resulted.

Currently, Massachusetts statutory law does not presume that there should or should not be joint physical custody. But there's a big difference between the law and reality. In courtrooms across the state, when a mother objects to joint physical custody, she essentially extinguishes the hope of the father, even when sharing custody seems eminently workable and in the children's best interest. A study by Joseph McNabb of Laboure College found that mothers obtained sole physical custody 83.2 percent of the time, fathers obtained sole custody 8.8 percent of the time, and joint custody was only awarded 8 percent of the time.

That's a devastating number for fathers who want to be meaningful parts of their children's lives. Many fathers justifiably feel as if their children have been the victims of state-sponsored kidnapping, punished for committing the unpardonable sin of being the primary breadwinner. Though opponents claim that more research is necessary, the effects of fatherlessness have been abundantly studied.

According to, fatherless homes account for 63 percent of youth suicides, 90 percent of homeless/runaway children, 85 percent of children with behavior problems, 71 percent of high school dropouts, 85 percent of youths in prison, and more than 50 percent of teen mothers. Dr. Robert Bauserman did a meta-analysis (a study of all the studies) of 33 studies between 1982 to 1999 published by the American Psychological Association. In total, 1,846 sole-custody and 814 joint-custody children were studied. He concluded that "Children in joint custody arrangements had less behavioral and emotional problems, had higher self-esteem, better family relations and school performance than children in sole custody arrangements."

Most people don't need research to convince them of the obvious overwhelming benefits of fathers. They already know. That's why shared parenting won 87 percent of the support of Massachusetts voters when it was a non-binding ballot question in 2004.

Shared parenting reduces litigation as parties do not have to continually go to court in the never-ending battle to prove that they are the better parent and deserve sole custody of the child.

Equality, mutual respect, ending conflict and endless litigation and providing children both of their parents - values not fostered by the current system - would not only benefit the parents, but it would be of incalculable value to the children. That's why we need shared parenting.

Rinaldo Del Gallo III is a family law attorney and a spokesman for Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition.


NEWS- Sex abuse: Another dad sues Social Services

According to many sexual abuse experts, mothers of young children almost never lodge false accusations of sexual abuse against the father of their children.

"Almost never" are the operative words, according to two Virginia fathers who allege that four Albemarle County Social Services social workers and a Newport News therapist joined with the mothers of their daughters in relentless and baseless persecution of them even after courtroom evidence emerged to prove their innocence.

The first father, a Nelson County man using the pseudonym John T. Nelson in court documents to protect his daughter's identity, filed a $4 million suit in December 2006, as detailed in a June 14, 2007 Hook news story ["Social dis-services? Dad sues for $4 mil over alleged molestation."]

The second suit, filed in August 2007 and which the Hook recently discovered, names the same five defendants and outlines similar allegations. That father, a Spotsylvania County man known as John Proctor in court documents, asks for $7 million to compensate him and his six-year-old daughter for the anguish of enduring "the most unspeakable and disgusting false allegations" and "wholly improper government intrusion."

Proctor's attorney, Fredericksburg-based Leila Kilgore, says she and her client learned about Nelson's case after reading the Hook's article as they prepared to file their case in federal court.

"We were stunned," says Kilgore. "There was some relief for my client that he wasn't alone. It bolstered his feeling that he had to do something."

Of note, says Kilgore, are the parallels between the cases. Both Proctor and Nelson were engaged in protracted custody battles over their preschool-aged daughters when the girls' mothers accused the men of sexual abuse, and an investigation by Albemarle County Social Services began. (While Nelson's child resides in Albemarle County, Proctor's case was assigned to Albemarle County Social Services-- illegally, Proctor's suit alleges.)

Nelson's attorney, Kirk Schroder, declines comment on the case citing a gag order, except to say, "The pleadings speak for themselves."

The mother of Nelson's daughter, called "Cathy Rio" in the suit, says she can't talk specifically about what Nelson stands accused of because of an ongoing custody battle currently being appealed. Those papers are sealed, and all involved parties are under a gag order, says Rio. But she strongly disputes the notion that the investigation and ensuing custody battle were baseless.

Though neither the Nelson nor Proctor cases contain lurid details of the alleged abuse, in both cases, after investigating, Social Services lodged a "Level one founded" disposition-- the most serious-- in the central registry of sex offenders located in Richmond. In both cases, however, those founded dispositions were overturned following review by the central office.

Also in both cases, Albemarle County's investigator, Lori Green, sent the girls 100 miles away to Newport News for a forensic interview by therapist Viola Vaughan-Eden, rather than having them interviewed by local therapists. Both Nelson and Proctor allege Vaughan-Eden's involvement in their cases was inappropriate, with Proctor calling Vaughan-Eden a "professional license for hire."

The plaintiffs both allege that Vaughan-Eden lacks the forensic training to perform such an interview, and in each case, the men allege, she failed to audiotape the girls' statements, which the suits claim is standard protocol to protect both the accused parent and the child.

According to Nelson's suit, Green allowed the mother of his daughter to furnish Vaughan-Eden with information Green knew to be "false and prejudicial." The suit alleges Green gave the mother 24-hours notice of the forensic interview, providing time, the suit alleges, for the mother to coach the child to make allegations. Proctor also alleges that Vaughan-Eden, a board member-at-large of the American Professional Society on Abuse of Children, ignored evidence of "coaching" by his daughter's mother, even after it had been noted and entered into evidence during hearings in state court.

Kathy Ralston, director of Albemarle County Social Services and a defendant in each case, referred all inquiries about the cases to county-appointed attorney Richard Milnor. Milnor, who also represents Social Service employees Lori Green, Cindy Casey, and John Freeman, did not return the Hook's repeated calls, nor did Vaughan-Eden.

Though the defense isn't talking, their counter-filings suggest they will mount a vigorous defense. In their response to the complaints, the defendants deny all allegations. Each of the social services employees has also filed motions to dismiss, citing the immunity provided by their government positions.

Claire Kaplan, director of Sexual and Domestic Violence Services at UVA, says the notion that vindictive mothers drive such accusations is unfounded. Indeed, various studies estimate the rate of false allegations is small-- ranging from 2-8 percent. The National District Attorney's Association estimates that one in five children are victims of sexual abuse, most of them at the hands of someone they know and trust.

Kaplan further says mothers who believe their children have been sexually abused have an uphill battle to fight in court, particularly because it's so difficult to prove the allegations. Defense attorneys often claim mothers are making false accusations by vilifying them as angry, hostile, hysterical. Anger, says Kaplan, doesn't prove an allegation is false.

"Wouldn't you be angry if your child was being sexually abused?" she asks.

Trial dates have not yet been set in Nelson's and Proctor's cases.


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