Israel Fathers Child Custody Rights Groups Intensify Demonstrations

Monday, March 17, 2008

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Ra'anana, Israel ---- March 16....(INA) - Fathers and children rights custody groups in Israel protesting gender bias discrimination in court custody cases have intensified their public demonstrations.

Last week hundreds of divorced and single fathers met in Tel Aviv to demand joint and or equal custody in a non-violent protest covered by both Israel TV and several local newspapers. The fathers are demanding that the Israel Knesset, Israel family court judges and Israel child welfare departments adopt reforms in the existing Israel Family Custodian Act of 1962 which states that all children under the age of six will automatically have custody under their mother, unless the mother is violent, drug abuser or negligent.

Fathers 4 Justice Israel hijacked all media attention at the Ra'anana annual marathon

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When will the world realizes that fathers are just an important mothers are. I can only said if they truly before that fathers don't have a place in a child life, then fathers shouldn't have to pay child support or provide medical coverage for the child.


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