Court orders mother to return daughter to her father in Malta

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A court has ordered that a three-year-old girl be returned to Malta after ruling that her foreign mother had acted illegally when she took her abroad without informing the Maltese father.

The father had filed an application in the Family Court explaining that over the past four years he had a relationship with a foreign woman and they had a daughter. His daughter was born in Malta and even attended a play school here. Recently, the relationship deteriorated and he left home to live on his boat.

He would go to see his daughter everyday but on October 20 he did not find the girl and her mother at home, he said. After filing a police report he learn that the mother had left the island with his daughter. When he contacted the mother, she told him he would not see his child again if he did not pay her Lm300 a month, the fatherclaimed. Since then he called his daughter everyday on a mobile phone but still did not know where she was.

The mother took his daughter away from Malta without informing him and that, he argued, was illegal according to the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and the Child Abduction and Custody Act, among others.

He called on the court to declare that the mother had acted illegally, declare Malta as the child's habitual country of residence, grant him exclusive custody over the child and take measures to ensure the child was returned to Malta.

After hearing the case, Mr Justice Joseph Azzopardi ruled that it was clear that the mother took the minor out of Malta without the father's permission and had acted illegally. He decided in favour of the father and agreed to all his requests.

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Don't name the mommy

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Publication ban sought in Wal-Mart baby case
Betty Ann Adam, The StarPhoenix Published: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 PRINCE ALBERT -- A woman who delivered and left her baby in a Wal-Mart washroom should not be identified in the press because that would lead to people knowing the identity of the baby, a lawyer for a child protection agency argued in provincial court Monday. However, Peter Abrametz Sr. acknowledged the identity of the mother is common knowledge in La Ronge, the northern community of 5,000 to 7,000 people in which she lives. Abrametz represented La Ronge Indian Child and Family Services (ICFS), which applied for the ban in conjunction with the woman's lawyer.

if this was a man they would have no problem naming him, while should she have the right to hide behind her child. the same child she left in the bathroom at Wal-mart

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Man Fights For Parental Rights

A Topeka man is fighting a legal battle over parental rights, because his babies' mother says he is just the sperm donor.

Instead of enjoying parenthood, he said, he is spending his time trying to change a Kansas law.Daryl Hendrix said, "All I can do is look forward to the future and holding my children."Hendrix
is a gay man who didn't think he would ever become a father.

Then in
2004, the Topeka resident said a longtime female friend named Samantha
Harrington approached him and asked if he would father a baby for her
through artificial insemination.

click here to read more.

However we all know if mommy went to DCF, to file for child support, she would get it, because its in the best interest of the child. Don't you just love those double standards.

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Man Freed but Serial Rape Accuser Remains Anonymous

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An innocent man jailed for a sex attack was dramatically cleared after
it emerged that his 'victim' is a serial liar with a long history of
crying rape.

But because of laws that protect her anonymity, judges are
powerless to name and shame her, leaving her free to make more false
accusations against blameless members of the public. click here to read more,

Bull shit, if she break the laws she nee to be thrown in jail as well, and her name publish to protect the innocent.

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I know Ms Schlafly will get some heat on this one.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Radical feminists have devised a scheme to cash in on the flow of
taxpayer money in a big way. Their good buddy, Sen. Joseph Biden,
D-Del., has just introduced Senate Bill 2279, called the International
Violence Against Women Act.

The act earmarks at least 10 percent
of its program funds to be granted to a certain type of women's
organizations. Biden's press release identifies the favored groups:
NOW's Legal Momentum, Family Violence Prevention Fund, Women's Edge
Coalition, and Center for Women's Global Leadership.

The act
would create a new Office of Women's Global Initiatives that would
control all foreign domestic-violence programs and funds in the
Departments of State, Justice, Labor, Health and Human Services, and
Homeland Security.

Radical feminists who would be the recipients
of the act's awesome bureaucratic and money power are very selective
about the kinds of violence they will target in 10 to 20 foreign
countries. They have no interest in speaking up for the hundreds of
thousands of unborn girls in China and India who are victims of
sex-selection abortions.

click here to read the rest of the story.

Yet there no act or senate bill to prevent violence against men in only form or fashion.

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Standing tall in court

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A noncustodial father in court, many times maybe: slandered, degraded, lied on, insulted, shamed, disgraced, and dishonored. The whole of his person (his body, mind, will, emotions, and spirits) many times are under constant attack. This may not occur in just one court appearance alone. Many noncustodial fathers may have to appear before a judge several times concerning visitation, child support, and child custody.


How should a noncustodial father carry himself under such strain and stress? My advice is hold your head up high. Don't let what they say (whoever they are: judge, ex, ex's witness, or your children) down press you. Don't fear. Don't stress out. Don't have a nervous breakdown. Don't get into a verbal dispute with your ex or her allies.


You may feel angry about the whole process, but continually carry yourself as a man of integrity. Even if the judge doesn't acknowledge your efforts, god will.


Fathers need bigger role in children's lives

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two children have recently lost their lives, allegedly at the hands
of their mothers. I can only imagine the physical and emotional abuse
these children suffered at the hands of the person today's society
claims is the only person who will nurture and care for them.

of other similar cases? Who have those abusers been? Mothers, the
mother's boyfriend, family friends, babysitters. Only in rare cases is
it the father.

Yet, a father brought in to family court simply
accused of any form of abuse by a mother loses his parental rights.
Physical abuse is not the only form. Parental alienation, where a child
is brain washed to believe a non-custodial parent is evil, is abuse,

It's time to bring fathers back to the roles they have
historically held: protector of families and children. Gender does not
make a better parent. Responsibility, caring, love and security do.StoryChat Post CommentStoryChat

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Reversing Alienation

It is almost
impossible to know if a child has truly been victimized by parental
alienation syndrome (PAS). There is no test for it, no X-ray can be
examined and lengthy psychological evaluations have a certain amount of
subjectivity regardless of the clinician's efforts to be impartial.

Assuming a parent is able to convince the court his or her child has
been manipulated into hating him or her, then what? If the child is 15,
16 or 17 years old, the chances of reversing the alienation are not
great. Just hearing from a court-appointed psychologist that alienation
has occurred would not take away the child's anger, mistrust and

If the alienated parent is successful in educating the court that he
or she has been unfairly separated from a child, he or she then faces
the choice of either leaving the child with the parent responsible for
the alienation or risking further estrangement by forcing the child to
move. click here to read more.

This story has many high points, it should be read and printed out for future used

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Judges and the Development of Parental Alienation Syndrome

David Heleniak

As I defined it in "False Domestic Violence Accusations Can Lead To Parental Alienation Syndrome," "Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a pattern of thoughts and behavior that can develop in a child of separated parents where the custodial parent causes the child, through manipulation and access blocking, to unjustifiably fear and/or hate the other parent. PAS is more than brainwashing, in that the child comes to actively participate in the degradation of the target parent, coming up with original (often ludicrous) reasons to fear/hate him or her." Dr. Richard A. Gardner (1931-2003), who coined the term "Parental Alienation Syndrome" in 1985, believed that family court judges, rather than impede the development of PAS, often facilitate it. In two important articles written near the end of his life, "Should Courts Order PAS Children to Visit/Reside with the Alienated Parent?: A Follow-up Study" (2001) and "The Judiciary's Role in the Etiology, Symptom Development, and Treatment of the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)" (2002), Gardner drew on his many years of experience with custody litigation to point out, by my count, five problems with the current system.

According to Gardner, one way judges facilitate the development of PAS is through their undue delay in resolving custody disputes. "I have not once seen a speedy trial in the context of a child-custody dispute. I have seen speedy issuance of restraining orders, often without proper collection of evidence.... But I have never seen a speedy decision made in a child-custody dispute. The usual duration of such cases that have come to my attention has been two to three years between the time of the initiation of the dispute and the time of the court's decision. By that time, the children are significantly older and the decision is made on the basis of data that may no longer be relevant. All this works for the alienator, because the more time the alienator has access to the children, the more deeply entrenched will become the PAS campaign of denigration. By the time the children do come to the attention of the court, they will protest vigorously any kind of a court-imposed program that might lead to reconciliation with the alienated parent."

click here to read more.

This article explains a lot about pas and how is it used in court.

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Digging into kids' alienation

Found this in google news section, an thought is was well written and exposed what many fathers have and are facing.
11:14 PM PDT on Saturday, October 27, 2007

Video: Mitchell Rosen: Parental alienation syndrome

I have written frequently about parental alienation syndrome, a term used primarily in child-custody cases. Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) happens when one parent alienates or brainwashes a child against the other parent.

Therapists realize PAS may be present when the child has no ambivalence, no discomfort at all vilifying or demonizing the parent he or she has been taught to hate. The child will say things like, "My parent is always selfish, only cares about themselves, never even tries to be fair to the 'good' parent."

A child who is truly victimized by PAS has no problem being abusive toward the hated parent and often cites petty or even manufactured reasons to justify cruelty toward this parent. A boy or girl who has a parent who is truly abusive or neglectful may also feel anger and desire little or no contact, but their emotions are all over the place; riddled with longing, sadness, guilt and not usually punctuated by a pervasive desire to protect the good parent.

Most kids want to love both their parents. But when a child has been taught to hate one, the words the child uses to describe the vilified parent often show this.

Kids who have been brainwashed may use lots of profanity, simplicity and cruelty in the way they describe the parent they believe to be "all bad."

It's one of the ways therapists attempt to identify if parental alienation syndrome has taken place or if the child is justified in not wanting contact with the parent he or she professes to hate. I have counseled hundreds of parents who claim PAS, but really they are just abusive, neglectful or self-absorbed parents. Since PAS is not yet a recognized disorder, a clever parent with an even smarter lawyer may shout PAS when the kids want little to do with them. This could be to avoid paying child support or simply to wreak vengeance on the ex.

It takes a lot of time and patience to sift through all the accusations and counteraccusations to ferret out whether a child is wise to avoid the parent or has been indoctrinated to hate and fear this parent. Sometimes kids hate their parents for all the right reasons. But when a child is brought into my office proclaiming to totally hate one parent and sees nothing but good about the other, my radar goes up.

Often I'll see judges temporarily award custody to the parent the childprefers until sufficient counseling can occur. But unless the counseling also involves the alienated parent, any report the counselor may write is likely to be biased and probably useless. Any counseling potentially involving PAS should be done by a therapist familiar with the dynamics and not easily taken in by one side.

Mitchell Rosen, M.A., is a licensed marriage and family therapist with practices in Corona and Temecula. Contact him at

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Women's abuse of domestic-violence laws

Friday, November 23, 2007

Radical feminists have devised a scheme to cash in on the flow of taxpayer money in a big way. Their good buddy, Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., has just introduced Senate Bill 2279, called the International Violence Against Women Act.

The act earmarks at least 10 percent of its program funds to be granted to a certain type of women's organizations. Biden's press release identifies the favored groups: NOW's Legal Momentum, Family Violence Prevention Fund, Women's Edge Coalition, and Center for Women's Global Leadership.

The act would create a new Office of Women's Global Initiatives that would control all foreign domestic-violence programs and funds in the Departments of State, Justice, Labor, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security.

Radical feminists who would be the recipients of the act's awesome bureaucratic and money power are very selective about the kinds of violence they will target in 10 to 20 foreign countries. They have no interest in speaking up for the hundreds of thousands of unborn girls in China and India who are victims of sex-selection abortions.

(Column continues here )


New twist in parents' battle for toddler

One small child, two abductions, three false passports, four years of fighting, at least 11 court actions - and the battle between two bitter parents is far from over.

The South African woman who snatched her son from her ex-husband and fled to South Africa has now lost custody of her son in the US and faces an attempt to extradite her.

On Thursday, more papers were filed in the Pretoria High Court in the battle for custody over Liam Berger, four, the US-born child snatched by Linda Volschenk Berger in October and taken halfway around the world on a false passport.

The papers indicate that Hal Berger, Liam's father, won an emergency order from the California courts for sole legal and physical custody of Liam on October 12, two days after Linda failed to return Liam to his father after a visit and disappeared with him.

The same court order bars Linda from any contact with Liam and orders her to return the boy to his father.

Eleven days later, the California court issued a "felony complaint for extradition" against Linda for disappearing with Liam.

The court action is one of two under way in the Pretoria High Court between the warring parents and the South African authorities acting with powers conferred by an international treaty on child abductions.

The first case was brought by Linda in early November against the SA Central Authority and Hal. In this case, Linda won an interim order allowing her to stay in SA, have custody of Liam and blocked Hal's access to the boy.

This case backfired on Linda when she was forced to admit she had used false passports to leave the US, travel through various countries and arrive in SA. In December, she has to explain to the court why she should not be arrested for failing to provide the documents.

The second was brought by the Central Authority and Hal against Linda to demand Liam's return to the US.

Hal's lengthy affidavit, filed in both cases, details the protracted fight over Liam's custody, court battles, arrest warrants, fights at international airports, and squabbles over cars he paid for Linda to use in the US.

In an affidavit to the Pretoria High Court, Linda said her situation in the US was intolerable.

Earlier, Linda's mother told The Star she was concerned that Hal was abusing Liam.

In his affidavit filed in the Pretoria High Court on Thursday, Hal said Linda told the California court in April that "Hal is a good parent" and that it was best for Liam to stay in the US.

I'm so glad that these mother don't run with the kids. I wonder what will happen to her once she is back. I bet she will be let off easy. We all know if this was daddy, he will be in jail for years.

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murdered toddler's father speaks out

Thursday, November 22, 2007

EL PASO, TX - The biological father of the three-year-old girl found beaten and stashed away in the trunk of a car says her mother and stepfather are to blame.

21-year-old Marco Gonzales says his worst nightmare come true.  He tells ABC-7 he had not seen his daughter , Jacqueline Gonzales, for several months because of an on-going custody dispute with her mother, Yara Perez.

Perez and her common-law husband Franscisco Castaneda were arrested and charged in the toddler's death.

Gonzales says the news of his daughter's death has him and his family devastated and now they want answers.

According to him, the last few times they saw the toddler, she showed clear signs of abuse.  The alleged abuse was reported to Child Protective Services but nothing was done, he says.

He is convinced Perez and Castaneda are responsible for the death.  "They did it.  They both have something to do with it. Now, I don't want to go to court for them to plead insanity.  They are not insane, they're just sick," he said.

Gonzales says he and Perez were due back in court next January for another hearing related to the on-going custody battle for the toddler.

"I hope (they) go through what Jacqueline went through, you guys will pay for this. Justice will be served," he says, in regards to Perez and Castaneda.


Another mother doesn’t what the father to have custody

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — A schoolteacher accused of having sex with a 13-year-old male former student wants custody of her 8-year-old daughter to go to her parents, not the child's father, her lawyer said Wednesday.

A hearing is set for Dec. 5 to determine temporary custody for the daughter of Kelsey Peterson, who is facing federal and state criminal charges for fleeing with the former student to Mexico.

A judge last week granted emergency legal custody of the girl to the child's father, William Alexander Long of Texas. The girl had been staying with Peterson's parents in Gothenburg, Neb.

Peterson gave birth when she was a high school junior. Long was Peterson's boyfriend and classmate. Long and Peterson never wed and broke up in 2001, according to court documents.

"There's not that much contact, (the daughter is) not comfortable with him," Peterson's lawyer James Martin Davis said. "She saw a therapist and said she doesn't want to go to Texas. She cries because she has to go with them."

A telephone message left for Long's lawyer, Robert Parker, was not immediately returned Wednesday.

Long has said he was seeking custody of his daughter because he feared that she could suffer irreparable harm as a result of Peterson's actions, according to court documents.

Long said that he was in the investment business and that he has been married for five months. The couple lives in McKinney, a Dallas suburb.

Davis is not representing Peterson in the custody case, but said he spoke to her by phone about the case on Wednesday.

Peterson, 25, and the male former student of hers were found in Mexicali, Mexico, on Nov. 2. The boy has told The Associated Press that he didn't consider Peterson his girlfriend but that they did have sex.

Peterson faces federal charges of crossing a border to have sex with a minor and state charges of kidnapping, child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The Associated Press had previously named the boy as police searched for him but stopped using his name in reports after authorities charged Peterson with a sex crime.

However items to find interesting, child doesn't like father, doesn't want to move, child see a therapist.

In this case the judge gets its right.


A Father Fears His Wife Is Turning The Kids Against Him

DEAR DR. SCANTLING: I'm desperate. I'm afraid that my soon-to-be-ex is turning my kids against me and making them think I don't love them. We're in the middle of a nasty custody battle, and I know that it would be better for the kids if they lived with me.

My daughter is 9, and my son is 11. My wife has a new boyfriend who has already moved into the house that I built! Her new lover is taking my kids to their sports events, and the kids ignore me when I'm there. Whenever I call, she makes some excuse for the kids not to come to the phone. ... They're in the tub, or watching TV, or asleep. I'm worried that they're being brainwashed against me. I've read about the Parental Alienation Syndrome, and I think it may be going on. Do you know anything about it? I have a lawyer and a therapist, but I'm getting different advice from both of them. I want what is best for my kids, but I don't want to lose them!

Michael, Collinsville

Dr. Sandra R. Scantling Dr. Sandra R. Scantling Bio | E-mail |

DEAR MICHAEL: I'm not a specialist in treating children, but I frequently work with partners involved in custody "battles," aptly labeled because they become a mess for everyone involved - especially the children who are caught in the line of fire.

Parental Alienation Syndrome, or PAS, was coined by Dr. Richard Gardner more than two decades ago, as a cluster of symptoms seen in children going through custody disputes who reject one parent because of strong negative claims made by the other parent.

There are questions whether parental alienation is an actual "syndrome" in the formal medical sense, but there is no question that alienation exists from mild to severe. There are multiple causes for claims of PAS, including "brainwashing" by the aligned parent or because the rejected parent needs someone to blame for their poor relationship with their children.

Shifts in parent-child alignments are common during custody litigation. Whether this requires professional intervention depends upon a variety of factors, including the degree of maturity of the children, the solidity of the pre-divorce attachment to the parents and the degree of animosity between the warring couple.

Children struggle to make sense of the senseless. Parents, who once loved each other, now hate each other. "How can this be?" they wonder. They long to trust what they are told by their mom or dad, but are confused and frightened when stories conflict. Step-siblings, extended families, and new love interests may all take sides in the vilification process.

Parental denigration or disenfranchisement can be subtle or overt "Call me if there are any problems when you're with dad, honey" a parent may "harmlessly" instruct. Or there may be numerous calls during the other parent's visitation to "check" on them, suggesting they are in less than competent care. Parents may even accuse the other of abuse, when it is unfounded. Making disparaging remarks or encouraging your children to spy on the other parent is a set up for alienation. Asking a child to be the messenger or routinely pumping them for information about "what's going on at mommy or daddy's house" is unacceptable. These behaviors only serve to weaken a child's sense of safety, security and trust in their caretakers.

So don't rush to judgment, Michael. Not all children who show parental preference are the product of parental alienation. Any parent who has been in your shoes empathizes with your pain and anxiety. When a child "chooses" the other parent, it's hard not to feel deficient, humiliated and unloved. This wound is often expressed through rage and an even more determined embattled posture. It feels like you're literally fighting for your life.

In your case, and in all cases, before there is a determination of PAS, the entire family picture must be evaluated by a competent licensed professional you trust. If you don't feel comfortable with the legal or mental health professionals you have at this time, find another team. Professionals may become wedded to a particular viewpoint and unintentionally fuel alienation. Agendas drive perspective. In the midst of polarization and heated allegations, parties may focus on the "win" but when a child loses, no one wins.

We need the wisdom of King Solomon to let go when we love. Find the courage to give up the battle and win the bigger prize the health and happiness of your children. Tell your children that you are ending the legal fight because you love them. (It would be best if you could tell them this in the company of their mother). That you understand they love both of you. Tell them that you wish you could be with them more, but that it isn't possible right now. That you feel sad, but will stay involved in their lives. Invite them to call or write whenever they would like and that you will always be their dad and mom.

Maintaining parental communication is essential, but difficult in acrimonious highlyconflicted relationships. In your therapy sessions, set up protocols for sharing information in writing or in log books that "connect" households while respecting their separate boundaries. Specify parameters for what is to be communicated and what is not. Agree on methods to monitor compliance and achieve cooperative resolutions.

Children may remove themselves from the storm of controversy to stay afloat in a capsizing vessel by aligning with one parent. We need to believe that they are doing the best that they can, given their particular circumstances.

Parents are the responsible adults first, last and always. Parenting in the best interest of your children is having the wisdom to empower their choices as painful as that may be. But I can assure you of one thing if you have nurtured a loving pre-divorce connection with your children, it is the best "vaccination" against loss and the best insurance for their future well-being.

Dr. Sandra Scantling is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist. She practices in Farmington. You may e-mail her at This column is not intended as a substitute for professional, medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. Case material used here includes composites and is not intended to represent any actual couple or individual.

click here to read the readers comments to her.


Woman accused of stuffing baby in toilet tank

WACO, Texas — A former prison guard is accused of stuffing a full-term baby in the tank of a toilet after giving birth in a motel bathtub.

Khaliliha Baucom, 24, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of abuse of a corpse after her recent indictment, but she may be charged with capital murder, Marlin police detective Sgt. Michael Baker said. She was released from Falls County Jail on Wednesday after posting $2,500 bond.

Baker said Baucom, of Lott, gave birth by herself in a Marlin motel bathtub in April. Then she was taken by ambulance to a hospital after she complained of bleeding and stomach pain, Baker said.

She was airlifted to a Waco hospital for an emergency C-section, but when doctors discovered she had already given birth, they called the police, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported in its online edition Wednesday.

Marlin officers found the baby's body in the toilet tank along with the placenta and bloody towels used to clean up the bathtub, Baker said.

Child Protective Services initially took custody of Baucom's three children, but they have since been living with their fathers, Baker said.

I see another great bias case in Texas, Mother kills child and get a $2500. pr bond, where if it was daddy or any man for that fact the bond would have been 10 to 30 times higher, are no bond at all.

btw, you notice they said woman, not mother of child.


Mother Arrested For Stabbing Children

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TAUNTON, Mass. - A Taunton woman was arrested Tuesday after stabbing her two children and her mother.

Taunton police said 39-year-old Sandra Meninno was charged with assault with intent to murder and three counts of assault and battery with a knife.

The two children, ages 10 and 12, and Meninno's 64-year-old mother, were all treated for minor stab wounds and later released from a local hospital.

Police said Meninno had a history of mental illness.

Investigators said Meninno's mother was struggling with her daughter when police arrived at Mennino's Pond View Circle home at about 5 a.m.

Police said it was a good thing Mennino’s mother was there or it could have been a more tragic situation.

"She intervened and was holding her down when police arrived," said Chief Raymond O’Berg of the Taunton Police Department. "The mother is showing no remorse. We think that with the mental illness, she doesn’t have the capability to understand that she tried to kill her own children."

A neighbor told NBC 10 that the children often play in the neighborhood with the other kids, and that they are nice and happy kids.

"She loves those kids more than she loves herself," said Jeanette Meninno, Sandra's Meninno's grandmother. "She wasn’t aware of what was going on. She would have never done something like that to her kids."

The two children are now in their father's custody.

Authorities said the couple is in the process of divorcing, and that the father was not living in the home at the time of the incident.

Sandra Meninno, who did not appear at a hearing on Tuesday, was ordered by a judge to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

She was ordered held without bail.

Shocking that the local DCF allow the father to have custody of the kids, since if they take the kids they get more money to work with.


Florida woman charged after putting baby in the oven

A Florida woman has been charged with aggravated assault after putting her baby in the oven and turning the appliance on. Sharlyn Singh allegedly put her 11-month old child in a heated oven after breaking up with the baby’s father.

A man was helping the baby’s father move out of the apartment when he heard the child crying. When he questioned Singh she fled the apartment. The man found the baby in the oven and called authorities. Police found Signh still in the apartment complex and she denied ever putting her child in the heated oven.

“The oven wasn’t terribly hot, but it was on,” said a police spokeswoman. The baby was not seriously hurt and was placed in custody of the Department of Children and Families.

My question is why didn't the DCF give custody to the father? I can only guess they blame him in same way. Then again FL DCF doesn't want fathers have custody at all.They will do just about anything to keep fathers away from their kids.


Call for paternity tests at birth

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Call for paternity tests at birth

 Photo / Reuters

Photo / Reuters

An Australian fathers' rights group believes paternity testing should be compulsory when a child is born.

An Australian DNA testing firm has found a quarter of all men who submitted tests were found not to be the child's biological father.

The Sun-Herald reported that the number of paternity tests taken in Australia had doubled from 3000 in 2003 to more than 6000 last year. click here to read more.

i completely agree, but I know that our so-called privacy groups here in the us would said no way. that it would created a new data base for id. in this time where identity theft is on the rise, maybe we should link our DNA to our SSN. That way we know who is who for sure. I would said this data base should be able to be use to see who did what crime in the past. That this data base is only for ID protection and paternity, only.

Then again we know that our Government can't be trusted to to keep it that way, in fact I guess its a bad ideal after all.


An unusual 'Safe Haven' situation

Sunday, November 18, 2007

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LAKE WALES - Thursday morning, firefighters in Lake Wales took in a baby boy given up by his mother under the Safe Haven laws.

Thursday night, the baby's father came to the station, frantic, wanting the baby back.

Firefighters and police say they had no idea what to do at first.

"Neither one of us had ever heard of this before," said Lake Wales Police detective Lynette Townsel. "We didn't know the protocol for it -- we'll be honest, we didn't know how to handle it at first."

Through emergency phone calls to the creator of the Safe Haven program and the Department of Children and Families, they learned the boy must stay with state workers who have custody now. 

Adoption attorney Jeanne Trudeau Tate said that once a parent has given up a child, they have to go through a judge to get him back.

"The question is, does [the father] have a right to step forth? Yes. Does that mean he automatically gets the child back?  No. The court still has to determine it's in the child's best interest and that his actions have not created a situation where his parental rights should be terminated," Tate said.

In the meantime, Lake Wales Police Officers said they felt the "Safe Haven" system worked correctly in this case, because no matter what happens to the baby boy in the weeks to come, he is safe, which is the first priority.

The question is, will he be able to get custody of the child, and if so will the mother be force to pay support?


Question of the Day

For years, many family court judges have held the view that fathers are ice cream, moms are the meal. Dads are nice, but nonessential. Kids can easily do without them, just like they really don’t need dessert.

Is this the way Judges and most mothers see fathers today.



Dr. Stephen Baskerville has written yet another great book regarding men's issues. This new account proves beyond a reasonable doubt that men truly require assistance instituting new legislative action.

How family courts operate as if there is no Bill of Rights, denying parents their constitutional legal protections.

Taken into Custody exposes the greatest and most destructive civil rights abuse in America today. Family courts and Soviet-style bureaucracies trample basic civil liberties, entering homes uninvited and taking away people's children at will, then throwing the parents into jail without any form of due process, much less a trial. No parent, no child, no family in America is safe.

The legal industry does not want you to hear this story. Radical feminists, bar associations, and social work bureaucracies have colluded to suppress this information. Even civil libertarians look the other way. Yet it is a reality for tens of millions of Americans.

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This book is selling out fast in most stores, My Copy is on back order at my local book store. Baskerville as done it again, exposing the truth , which many other groups don't like.


Ex-girlfriend's lawyer: Dail should pay support

A Goldsboro attorney says even though Dwayne Allen Dail was wrongfully imprisoned, he is still obligated to pay for his child.

But the attorney representing Dail says state law holds that jailed mothers and fathers aren't subject to back child support payments.

Goldsboro attorney Sarah L. Heekin is representing Goldsboro resident Lorraine Michaels, the mother of Dail's biological son.

Dail was exonerated in August by a Wayne County Superior Court judge after spending 18 years in prison for a rape DNA evidence showed he did not commit.

Now that Gov. Mike Easley has pardoned him, Dail might be entitled to $20,000 per year for every year he spent behind bars, adding up to $360,000.

Ms. Heekin said she was limiting all comment on the case to one written statement:

"Prior to his incarceration Mr. Dail and Ms. Michaels were in a long-term relationship. After Mr. Dail's conviction and incarceration, Ms. Michaels gave birth to their biological son. For the whole 18-plus years of Mr. Dail's imprisonment, Ms. Michaels was a single parent and the sole means of financial support for their minor son. As most people are now aware, Mr. Dail's sentence was life imprisonment and thus no action for child support was ever filed.

"Since his release, Mr. Dail has not indicated any intention to provide support to Ms. Michaels thus, in order to fully protect my client's statutory rights, it was necessary to file an action ... prior to the minor's 18th birthday," Ms. Heekin said in the statement.

But Goldsboro attorney Shelby Benton -- who represented Dail as a public defender at his late 1980s trial -- says state law doesn't encumber Dail with child support payments.

Mrs. Benton, who attended Dail's exoneration proceedings, is representing Dail again after telling the wrongfully convicted man and his son "if they needed anything, call me."

"We will be vehemently defending the action," Mrs. Benton said. "The state says if a person is incarcerated, child support abates."

A look at N.C. Statute 50-13.10 seems to support Mrs. Benton's statement.

No "arrearage" -- fancy lingo for the state of being behind in payments -- can build up when a person is in prison, the law states.

"A child support payment or the relevant portion thereof is not past due and no arrearage accrues ... during any period when the supporting party is incarcerated, is not on work release, and has no resources with which to make the payment," the law states.

Other exceptions to child support arrearage are after the supported child's death, death of the supporting parent, or when the child lives with the supporter because of a court order.

Another exception is "an express or implied written or oral agreement transferring primary custody to the supporting party."


Man who was deceived about paternity retains custody

The Kentucky Supreme Court has ruled that people who deceive their spouses into thinking that a child is theirs cannot later contest their right to custody -- even if DNA tests show they are not the parent.

The court unanimously upheld a lower court ruling granting primary custody to Ren Ricky Hinshaw, whose wife led him to believe he was the father of their child until they divorced and she produced genetic testing showing the child wasn't his.

In an opinion issued Thursday, the court said that the "acts, language and silence" of Hinshaw's ex-wife, Jacqueline Lenarz, "were aimed at misleading Ren into believing he was Asher's biological father." The court also said that while they were married, she intended for him and the child to develop a strong father-son relationship.

The Courier-Journal outlined the case in a March 18, 2007, story about how courts are grappling with vexing questions about what makes a father a father -- whether it is the man who contributed the sperm or the one who changed a child's diapers, taught her how to ride a bike and took her to soccer practice.

The story described how Hinshaw, then 58, was fighting to retain joint custody of a child he helped raise and loves as his own, even after finding out the boy was not his biological child.

"He is my son, and I am his dad," Hinshaw said at the time.

Hinshaw's lawyer, Stephen Imhoff, said his client, who has had primary custody of the child pending the ruling, is pleased.

"It's been a long haul, and he is extremely happy," Imhoff said.

Lenarz's lawyer, Peter Ostermiller, said she was disappointed and that they are reviewing whether there are grounds for an appeal in federal court.

The Supreme Court, in an opinion written by Justice Bill Cunningham, described how Hinshaw was in the delivery room when the boy he thought was his son was born in 1999.

Hinshaw, a technology consultant at the University of Louisville's Kornhauser Health Sciences Library, cut the umbilical cord and later taught the boy to talk and volunteered at his school, according to court records.

But when Lenarz, also a librarian, divorced Hinshaw in 2003, she disclosed he wasn't the biological father and asked Jefferson Family Court to deny him custody, citing DNA tests which showed he couldn't be the father.

A court-appointed psychologist who met with the child concluded he had bonded with Hinshaw and that severing the relationship would cause the boy "severe emotional and psychological harm," the Supreme Court noted.

It also said that a family court judge, awarding principal custody to Hinshaw, said that his wife had "always represented, both to Ren and the world," that he was the child's father.

The Court of Appeals last year affirmed the decision, but Lenarz appealed.

The Supreme Court said that if Hinshaw had known that he wasn't the father when the child was born, he could have tried to adopt him.

Reporter Andrew Wolfson can be reached at (502) 582-7189.


Mom pleads guilty in infant son's death

Saturday, November 17, 2007


A 31-year-old mother from Windsor has pleaded guilty in the death of her two-year-old son. Tammie Steinhoff pleaded guilty to manslaughter during a pre-trial hearing Thursday and sentencing is set for Dec. 21.

In June of last year Steinhoff was seen carrying the body of her son River along a road in the city.

Police allege the woman threw him to the ground in the middle of a busy thoroughfare and ran off.

An autopsy found he died of stab wounds.

Police say when an officer gave chase and apprehended the woman, she flailed at him with a knife, stabbing him twice in the arm and back

This came for an email list that I'm on, she pleaded guilty to manslaughter, how nice. Now I sit and wonder what if? Yes, what if? If this was a father who has done what she had would he get to plead to manslaughter charge, I think NOT. We know that there are two types of justice and sentencing for men and women, i.e. fathers and mothers. It would seem that women get off easier than men do. This is neither right nor fair.

Father are today in this country nothing more than ATM and throw aways. There are to be blame for all the ills of the world.

Pbw, child death, abuse by mother


Choosing foster parents over fathers

( In the heartbreaking Melinda Smith case, a San Diego father and daughter were needlessly separated by the foster care system for over a decade. Last week, Los Angeles County settled a lawsuit over the case for an undisclosed sum. Yet a recent Urban Institute study found that the Smith case typifies the way the foster care system harms children by disregarding the loving bonds they share with their fathers.

Smith was born to an unwed couple in 1988. Her father, Thomas Marion Smith, a former Marine and a decorated Vietnam War veteran, saw Melinda often and paid child support. When the girl was 4, her mother abruptly moved without leaving a forwarding address. Two years later, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services found that Melinda's mother was abusing her. Although the social worker for the case noted in the file that Thomas was the father, he was never contacted, and his then 6-year-old daughter was placed in the foster care system.

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The attacks against fathers

The attack against fathers, and fathers' rights, began before the existence of the fathers' rights movement as we know it today. This movement is a "backlash" against government corruption, the organized and intentional destruction of the institution of family, and 10s of billions of dollars being stolen from government coffers as well as from fathers and children; organized crime. Even those who still do not understand the connection between the battle for fathers' rights and their own lives may eventually want to know where their money is and whether they can get it back. They will certainly not want to continue paying extra taxes merely to support criminal gangs.

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