Fathers need bigger role in children's lives

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two children have recently lost their lives, allegedly at the hands
of their mothers. I can only imagine the physical and emotional abuse
these children suffered at the hands of the person today's society
claims is the only person who will nurture and care for them.

of other similar cases? Who have those abusers been? Mothers, the
mother's boyfriend, family friends, babysitters. Only in rare cases is
it the father.

Yet, a father brought in to family court simply
accused of any form of abuse by a mother loses his parental rights.
Physical abuse is not the only form. Parental alienation, where a child
is brain washed to believe a non-custodial parent is evil, is abuse,

It's time to bring fathers back to the roles they have
historically held: protector of families and children. Gender does not
make a better parent. Responsibility, caring, love and security do.StoryChat Post CommentStoryChat

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