Reversing Alienation

Saturday, November 24, 2007

It is almost
impossible to know if a child has truly been victimized by parental
alienation syndrome (PAS). There is no test for it, no X-ray can be
examined and lengthy psychological evaluations have a certain amount of
subjectivity regardless of the clinician's efforts to be impartial.

Assuming a parent is able to convince the court his or her child has
been manipulated into hating him or her, then what? If the child is 15,
16 or 17 years old, the chances of reversing the alienation are not
great. Just hearing from a court-appointed psychologist that alienation
has occurred would not take away the child's anger, mistrust and

If the alienated parent is successful in educating the court that he
or she has been unfairly separated from a child, he or she then faces
the choice of either leaving the child with the parent responsible for
the alienation or risking further estrangement by forcing the child to
move. click here to read more.

This story has many high points, it should be read and printed out for future used

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