Man Fights For Parental Rights

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Topeka man is fighting a legal battle over parental rights, because his babies' mother says he is just the sperm donor.

Instead of enjoying parenthood, he said, he is spending his time trying to change a Kansas law.Daryl Hendrix said, "All I can do is look forward to the future and holding my children."Hendrix
is a gay man who didn't think he would ever become a father.

Then in
2004, the Topeka resident said a longtime female friend named Samantha
Harrington approached him and asked if he would father a baby for her
through artificial insemination.

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However we all know if mommy went to DCF, to file for child support, she would get it, because its in the best interest of the child. Don't you just love those double standards.

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