Showdown looming over controversial theory

Monday, March 31, 2008

Karen Franklin, Ph.D.Parental Alienation Syndrome is by far the most controversial theory in high-conflict child custody litigation. And the battle lines are drawn primarily by gender: PAS is apt to be the first line of defense when a husband is accused in a custody battle of sexually abusing his children. That is, provided he has the money to hire a high-powered attorney.

Under the theory, one parent - almost always the mother - is accused of turning the children against the other, and brainwashing them to believe they have been abused even when they have not been.

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PAS in any form is wrong. It does exist no matter that its not accept by APA. I still feel that we should leave off the word Syndrome, and replace it with the word action. That way we leave the APA out of it. Since their main goal it to sell drugs, if a bill was made to stop this then it would be approve by the APA ASAP.


Louise Uccio March 31, 2008 at 5:39 PM  

I am a survivor of DV and I will tell you Paret Alienation Syndrome Action or what ever you want to label it IS VERY REAL!!

Morepver, MANY abusers are ALIENATING the children against the survivor.

Take note abusers undermine the parent child relationship while the marriage is still intact, that is the begining of an alienator destroying the relationship once the survivor leaves.

He manipulates the courts often times winning custody that is when the real abuse begins.

If the sexes can finally agree alienating is NOT gender specific but personality specific our children wouldn't suffer because of it.

Louise Uccio

SaFa March 31, 2008 at 6:22 PM  

I know it is real, I just feel if you take the syndrome part out then the APA can't said it bad science, since then it wouldn't fall under their review.

Action However would be better since its implies intent. Which can be made in to a criminal charge. mother alienate the kids just as well as fathers can.

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