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Thursday, April 3, 2008

I read an article titled "Women in New York prisons seek better child custody protections," but the article left me with more questions than answers.

Why are these advocates more concerned about women in prison than the children they leave behind? Children normally have a mother and a father. Shouldn't these advocates be trying to ensure that a decent loving dad should have a chance at raising the child instead of a criminal mother?

Serena Alfieri, Women in Prison project coordinator, said when mothers get to interact with their children in prison it provides an incentive for rehabilitation and decreases the chance for recidivism upon release. This is true -- but there are far more fathers in prison than mothers. Wouldn't the same hold true for the imprisoned dad?

Most people in prison, men and women, were raised in a home without a father present. With statistics like this, wouldn't it be more important to connect children with their dads?


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