Gay sperm donor denied son access

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Civil liberties groups demanded radical reform of family law after a gay man, who donated sperm to a lesbian couple, was refused rights to his biological son.

Dublin's High Court ruled that the man, who had been friends with the women, should have no guardianship or access to the child and the toddler would be better off with the couple. The landmark ruling is the latest case to expose serious gaps in family law, fathers' rights and a lack of legislation on same-sex couples.

The Unmarried and Separated Fathers of Ireland warned the decision could end up being a major setback for fathers' rights. Legal spokesman Donnacha Murphy said: "Legislation may further the issue of inequality in Irish family life. The only way to achieve ultimate equality is by an amendment to the constitution."

How much would you like to bet if the those mommy need more money they will hit him up for child support and win.


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